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Les McKeown
Music Tribute

Threshold - Bay City Rollers - Ego Trip - Tartan Army - Legendary - Solo Artist

All my life i've searched for you baby, believe me I love you -  I love you.
"I've been calling day and night, I love you baby, feel so right."
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The fiery song Holding On by Les McKeown can be found on Leslie McKeown's Bye Bye Baby, 70's Bay City Rollers' CD.  Les' sing this song stunningly with alot of soul.  Other compelling songs on this CD are Dan McIntosh' song Hearts on Fire and another Les McKeown written song M.O.N.E.Y.
"You know i can't stand when your away from me. I just feel that pain inside. I need you."
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And now for some ROLLER tunes!!! All I can say is that if it weren't for the Bay City Rollers I probably wouldn't have discovered the many talents of Les McKeown. The Rollers were so much fun back in the 70s...ALOT of energy and GOOD music. As we fans reminice and talk about yesterday we realize that their music still ROCKS today and Les Mckeown's voice not only has that same magic, but has grown with a more soulful sound and alot more heart!!!

Now then without further ado TA TA TUM...Sit back and click on a tune and check out...

My tribute to Les McKeown singing some of my favorite ROLLER tunes...

You Made Me Believe In Magic
Bye Bye Baby
Give A Little Love
It's a Game
I Only Wanna Be With You
Please Stay

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