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Les McKeown
Music Tribute

Threshold - Bay City Rollers - Ego Trip - Tartan Army - Legendary - Solo Artist

A special thanks to
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All Washed Up - - Les McKeown's Solo Debut Album - - 1979
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Now In PaperBack: Shang-a-lang: The Curse of The Bay City Roller
L o r i T h o m p s o n

For being an inspiration and having a great up-to-date (KickAss) LESMAC Site. also, a huge...huge...HUGE thank you for listening to my BIG mouth and doing RAVE. I think I owe you hugely for it. (Gentle, I bruise easy).

C a s s a n d r a (Ca*sannnnnn*DRA)

For getting us to Rave on time. ok for other things too. But i'm not listing them cause its too long and i'm not typing it.

S h i r l e y C a t r o n

(homeyO, gimme fi man <smack>, oops sorry!! next time hold your hand higher) - for tsking me everytime I changed my mind about doing this. Also, for giving me some of LES DA MAN pics to use.

T r is h a R i l e y

For having a Great Lesaholic site - Who needs/WANTS rehab. haha.

L o r i C

For once telling me I have talent enough to do my own site and also for some pics I might have taken from you...ok, ok stolen from you.

J a n e t t e a n d A u d r e y

For attacking LesMac the night of one of his UK gigs and getting a beermat signed. I'll never forget that...(hysterical), the ONE night i'm not online and you guys are urgently trying to find me. Poor guy had the flu and all...Ewwww, hope he didn't sneeze on it.

Z o e

For not having any LesMac pics on your DEREK site which gave me no other choice but to do this.

K a t h i M i

For giving me all the Bon Jovi pics - oh wait!!! thats not right (but, hey, who's complaining) ...THANKS!!

L i n d a H

Your the first person along with your friend Judy I met in Les' old chat room late one night. You gave me ALOT and introduced me to this world of insanity. i mean GREAT stuff.

I n e s a n d M a r i a n n e

For sending me some really GREAT pictures to use - Thank you!!

L e a h a n d S h i r l e y

For The Ziggys Mac Web Logo and the Tskaroonie Message Board Gif - they are the coolest. well not as coolest as the rest of my site ( fingerprints please...step back).

G i n a n d C a t h i e a n d J o y c e

Thank yas for lettin me hang wif yas and thank you for taking really nice vacation pics and sharing for alls to see.

and last but certainly not L E A S T...

Thanks to LesMac (big applause)...Your music is fantastic. You have a voice that could make any girls heart melt not to mention you keep us Jammin. Your music as well as your devotion to your fans is incredible. You are a SuperStar.

Ok, i'm emotional now...I need a tissue (sniff, sniff)...LesMac, can I borrow your shirt...c'mon, I'll give it back.


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The Official Les McKeown Site

The Official Les McKeown Site

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